What is a Dutch Bike anyways?

October 23, 2016

What is a Dutch Bike anyways?

If you're ever wondering what is meant by 'dutch bike', here's a slightly amusing take from Slate.

    • Upright posture, sitting with your back perpendicular to the ground as opposed to hunched forward of your handlebars.
    • Fenders, semicircular arcs of metal above the bicycle's wheels which keep you from wearing puddles.
    • Fully covered chains keep the black grease out of sight allowing you to arrive at location without looking like a mechanic.

Here at the Berlin Bicycle Cafe we're all about Dutch Bikes. We're aiming to bring you the best in upright bicycles, cause we believe they're a more humane way to travel from A to B.


Checking out Achielle bikes. What do you think? Are Belgian bikes as good as Belgian beer?

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